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Data Tags to Count Custom Symbols

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My company is trying to implement data tags to help us count the parts needed for construction of specific elements for the events we do.


I have created a number of custom 3D symbols, one for each part type, and each one has a record format attached to it.  The Record formats have the following fields

- Part ID (auto filled with the Part ID used by the shop)

- Room ID (for drafter to fill in to identify what room the part goes to)

- Location ID (for drafter to fill in to identify where in the room the part is to be used)

- Integer (auto fills as 1)


When I draw the structure I use these symbols, I use these symbols and then once drawn I either create a group, or a symbol out of the full structure.  I want to attached a Data Tag to the final structure, which I need to give the Room name, Location Name, and tally (full count) of each part used.  I'm hoping someone on here can help out!

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You are going to have a difficult (if not impossible) time using a data tag to total the number of parts. Data tags are designed to gather data from a specific instance.


Relatively easy to use a worksheet that can be used as a schedule that will total the numbers of each part.

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Yeah that's what I've learned... Vectorworks Training replied to an email and gave me a link to a VWU video that was helpful with Worksheets.


The secondary reason for wanting to use a Data Tag is so that we can easily, and cleanly show our clients some more specific information, worksheets are great for the shop, but we want the client facing items to look a little more slick.

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I don't think there is going to be an automatic way to accomplish that.


I can help you with a script that will do the count and assign it to a record attached to each of the matching symbols. Then you can use the record.field value to display in the data tag.


BUT, if you change the number of symbols in the drawing you will have to run the script again to update the values. If you don't then you will end up displaying the old value. Would this be valuable enough to you to make it worth the pain of having to remember to manually run the script?

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