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Spotlight labels and Data Visualisation

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Iam using in spotlight, label manager for channel number, patch info and purpose. For paperwork I use Data visualisation for color fill the the fixtures per instrument type.

In my viewports the different labels keeps there background color (in my case White) as set in the the label manager. But when I export my sheet layers to pdf the backgrounds of my labels are getting the same color as the instruments. This is what I don't want, I want to keep the background of my label white. Is this a bug...


Using Vectorworks 2022, SP4


Kind Regards,


Erik-Jan Berendsen

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2 minutes ago, markdd said:

This sounds like a bug. Unless I am very much mistaken, Label Legends are not meant to respond to data Visualisation at all.


That is what I thought as well. Do I need to mention this in an other (like Bug thread)?


Kind Regards,


Erik-Jan Berendsen

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