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creating new textures


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This doesn't apply for all the textures I create but happens a lot with marble and chromatic effects. If i create a new texture via. the Resources Palette to my liking; it looks great in the preview. Marble benchtop. Nice. Then when the texture is applied it renders as grains - like little dots of varying colour - that dont look like the original texture. This happened with small terracotta tiles too that i made...just turned out one big block of terracotta colour. Yes, i did edit the image mapping both a lot smaller and a lot larger and it made no difference to the quality. Can any light be shed on this??

Thanks [smile]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Nic:

Have you tried rendering using antialiasing? (Custom RW mode with antialiasing turned on or Final RW mode) The detail in the marble shader will be contrasty from one pixel to another and will look pretty noisy with out antialiasing turned on.

What is the texture size relative to the textured object size? The texture size should be in the same ballpark as the object size. Also, has the Scale parameter in the Edit Marble dialog been changed from a value of 1.0?


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