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The RenderWorks training CD wasn't helpful?

I found the RW training Cd's to be very informative and cover all grounds of RenderWorks.

What kinds of things do you want or expect the "learning aides" to show you?

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Well, the project that was focused on was building a house in the VW 8 cds. Nothing too complicated which I expect at first. But does not go into more complicated scenery. Like circles...adding text....truss work.....

They seemed very focused on just the archtiects and not the other entertainment based designers which use this program. I work in tradeshows, concerts, corporate theatre.

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The VW 9 CD's are completely different from the VW 8 training CDs. They are geared towards the different aspects of the applications.

There are two CDs for Foundation -- basic VW functions

1 for Architect

1 for Landmark

1 for RenderWorks.

These are very good CD's. They have a video showing you how to do things, then give you an exercise to do covering the things shown in the video segment. These CD's were made by In Media Res, different from those that made the VW 8 CDs.

I don't know anyone yet that hasn't learned something from the training CDs.

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