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Playing with RW/3-D PP, Check this out


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I think it's pretty darn decent. The tile might be a bit glossy but it comes in so many different variations...

the liquid looks decent what about some drops some where or bubbles?

What are your texture settings?

I've been trying to get some stuff going with two surfaces, the top transparent and a bit reflective and just underneath another texture with color or whatever. It might work for things like tile.

I've been having a heck of a time also with custom rw and transparency, aa and nurbs. It seems the only thing that really works is FinalQuality RW.

check your private messages. I think you might have one from me.


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Well, this one was rendered in custom renderworks mode with the recursion level set to 9, mapped shadows, transparency off, and everything else on. There is a bug in the custom renderworks that if you turn "use transparency" on, you will get ray traced shadows no matter what. If you use the glass shader, its transparency setting seem to be independent of the transparency check box in the custom renderworks dialogue, so thats what I did here.

The tile is the cloud shader, with a little mirror reflectivity, and some bump. I can give you specifics if your interested. I had to map each tile differently to get a random pattern from tile to tile, i wish there was a short cut for that.

I have found I get better rendering results from the custom renderworks mode rather than the final renderworks mode. Its just that I cant use the transparency shader. I hope they fix this bug soon, its a real pain.

I saw your private message,

I'm not seeing the problems you are, in fact I haven't seen any connection between the custom renderworks setting and the final renderworks mode, so I'm not sure what thats about. The only problem I've seen is the speckeling, and the transparency problem in custom renderworks mode. So, Idonno.

Thanks for the comments thought, I'm working up to doing some type of interior shot, just for kicks. I've done tons of exteriors, but interior has a whole new set of issues, and the level of detail is much higher, and the lighting is a real struggle.

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I wanted to learn the 3dpp, so I decided to model my expresso machine. This was all done in VW/RW with stock shaders right out of the textures folder.


I/m pretty happy with it. The only thing I don't like are the speckles that you get with the mirror reflectivity, but, hey, they just look like coffee grounds. I would also like to add the logo and text to it, but I gave up. I may add them in photoshop.

All comments/tips appreciated.

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Thats really cool:D , the geomety looks nice and smooth. My only criticism is the same as I have for myself. I'm finding it difficult to get natural looking matte textures, they either all look too plastic, or they get too shiny, I've been trying to find that inbetween spot of a matt finish that picks up a blurred reflection but I still haven't found it. What's the plastic texture you used on the machine?

Also Translucent materials are really difficult to texture.

The cord looks really convincing, good job

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