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I have a render style Ive been using for years. I recently switched to Windows 10 from a Mac. Im now opening files I created on a Mac in Windows 10 with no issue the function and open fine. However, doesnt matter what file, all my geometry disappears when I chose THAT render style. If I go back to open GL that seems to render fine.  What gives? Im Stumped on this one. Ive been using VW for over 16 years and have rendered hundreds images using Camera match. @ Matt Panzer, maybe you have some ideas? I could really help getting past this hurdle. Im not sure what else to try.

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I have now tried with several files. Anything but open GL reproduces this result. I tried recreating the viewport, render style, and even the helidon in the model space and the viewport update craps out. As SOON as I go back to open GL it renders. Also none of the pre loaded renderworks options work either. Is this just broken on windows 10? I would think my windows computer has enough memory for this @Jonathan Pickup. Im happy to post the file here for anyone to try. For whatever reason I cannot get any render style I have to work. Which essentially makes the use of this program DOA at least on the windows side. Yes I did use the full installer on the windows side.  


Johnathan where could I find the info you are referencing and what would I be looking for. I was on Macs far too long. Coming back to Windows feels like a bad nightmare.

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Im using 2020 sp6. I attempted to download and install 2022 twice from the account portal and ea time it says extraction failed when attempting to install. Common VW Im on the clock and I need a solution! Im currently now attempting to get 2021 installed. Lots of lost time here.

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