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Reverse a circuit direction?

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Feel free to point me in a direction if this has been asked before.


I use CC to create wire-pull docs for our field guys. Basically, if we design it and tag circuits correctly, our wire pull field docs are 100% accurate. However, we have to implement another step (Export to Excel/Numbers) in order to sort the data.



Tech booth with a console. Wireless mics and in-ears in a backstage rack. I am "getting signal from" the microphones, but "sending signal to" the in-ears. CC tags the cables correctly with a source device and destination device based on inputs and outputs.


However, this isn't logical for our field guys. They want to know how many cables are going between the booth and backstage and what the labels are. No matter how I try to sort the database in the worksheet, I can't make it logical. We resort to exporting the worksheet and manually sorting it. 


Is there a way (or could there be a way) to swap/over-ride the source and destination devices to make worksheet organization more logical? ...or does this open up a massive can of worms that you'll never get back in? 

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Hello @livespace josha,


Currently the only way to change the direction of the worksheet is to delete it and redraw it in reverse direction. However, this is only applicable if the circuit is connecting IO sockets, otherwise you cannot redraw it in reverse direction. However, we are working on making this easier so keep your eyes open for updates with new versions.


Have you tried using the Room for this sorting? From what you say I think that you want to know what cables are going from room A to room B. If you have added these layout rooms and you have your equipment items for your devices in the layout rooms, then you can use the room id to get the job done.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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