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A couple of RW 10 questions


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The upgrade sounds pretty cool, but I was wondering

1.Do the weather effects include distance blurr?

2.Did we get any new shader options in the texture creation dialogue. I was especially hoping for light objects, or the ability to turn an object into a light source (for tubes and neon)

3.Did we get cameras?

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to the new version.


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Oh and what is RCP technology ?

The image props are like a prop on a stage.

You can set it to be planar or cross - like really cheap Christmas decorations where you put the two pieces of cardboard criscrossing to make a stand up tree .. Kind of like that.

It's used as a prop and not really to imitate the real thing. It saves on memory and rendering times.

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I'm sorry, I got it wrong, It's RPC. It stands for rich photo content. It's a plug in for lightworks that will insert photoinformation onto a polygon. As you rotate around your view the polygon also rotates to stay facing the viewer, at the same time the photo information is updated to show the correct side of the object. Archivision sells packages of people, trees, cars, and office stuff. They now even have animated people, so you can have someone walking through your scene in your animation. Its pretty cool stuff, and because it's a plug in for lightworks, there should be little or no work for NNA to impliment it. Their web site is www.archivision.com, they have lots of examples.

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The RPC will not be available until version 7 of LightWorks which won't be available for another 2 months. Hence the reason we couldn't implement it for VW 10. It's possible this might be something included in a .5 version, but it's too early to speculate on that. It might be a VW 11 thing instead.

The image props in VW 10 do something similar to what RPC does for still images. However, movie-like images don't work for this just yet.

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