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Does VW support QuickTime Virtual Reality? If so I can't find it. It's similar to the rotation animation, but often better in that it creates a much smaller file, and the controls for viewing it are more efficient than a linear movie.

Rotation is cool, too, because you can spin around something from the outside, but for looking at the inside of a room, QTVR can't be beat.

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VW does not support QTVR directly. However you can use the Set 3D View tool to take a number of rendered shots from the same location, and stitch them into a QTVR movie using existing tools.

(I'm thinking of the Panorama Style QTVR shots... I never attempted to make one for a rotatable object. That may require something like 3DMF export which was dropped after version 8.)

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

[ 09-06-2002: Message edited by: Matthew Giampapa ]

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We use Artlantis to create amazing "Virtual Tours" of very complex models with several million polygons. The rendering quality and speed is far better than renderworks. We're still waiting for it's OSX version, but it has never crashed in Classic, so I can't complain.

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All the alternative ways are fine, but I'll continue hoping for the QTVR feature to be added to RW. The quality is quite sufficient for the clients--considering that these are residential projects, and for the niche of a field I'm in, people aren't even getting 3D from other designers and yet typically paying more.....that places VW/RW quality faaaaaaarrrrrr above the standard and becomes a real selling point for me. So there's no profit in getting Artlantis or spending the time it takes to roll my own, so to speak. Given VW's already pretty darn good QT support, I'd speculate that adding QTVR support would involve an almost trivial amount of development time and yield great results. I've watched clients viewing a 576K QTVR and spinning around and back and forth, and it's a great sales tool.....iff the work involved in creating it isn't onorous.

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