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3D file won’t load on Nomad 2022 (iPad/iPhone)

Max Jones




I just updated to VW2022 and I’m now trying to set up Nomad on my devices. I have VW Cloud Services set up and have a vwx. file on there which I have converted to a 3D vgx. to view on Nomad. 

It will open (and I can view it) direct on the Web browser, but the file won’t load on Nomad on either my iPhone or iPad. Which is what I want to use it for. 

(Just shows the ‘loading’ spinning wheel of doom)


Any thoughts? It’s not that big or complicated a drawing (although does have a few symbols in it), so I might just be missing a setting somewhere?




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @Max Jones

Did you export the Vectorworks model using Export Web View which is a legacy command, or with Export VGX which is new?  Or just by selecting the .vwx file from Nomad?


Also Nomad has been updated, significantly in 2022 Service Pack 3 in March.  Make sure you are using latest Nomad from the AppStore too.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Max Jones,

We found that your issue is caused by the + character in the file name. Please rename the .vwx file and regenerate the 3D model and it should work. We are working on fixing the issue.

Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova 

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