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Have you spoken with anyone regarding your cruel streak? smile.gif" border="0 Just kidding! That was funny, especially 'cause I was so psyched there was an answer.

[1 hour later...]

OK, just figured it out, and probably killed off some brain cells from the effort. In the one that worked, I must have used a template that defined some classes, especially Style-Glazing 1. In the ones that didn't work, I was working from a customized template, which didn't include Style-Glazing 1. It wasn't obvious to me at that point that those styles were really classes requiring my attention and definition. I thought they were predefined thingies.

I kept focusing on the one thing I knew to be a class, which was the window object, whose class is Window-Main. But it seems--if I'm seeing this accurately--that Window-Main doesn't really apply to anything physical, because if you select that as the current class and display "Active Only", you see absolutely nothing, yet a Select All will select it. The stiles, glass, etc are really a Style class, so Active Only won't display them. Of course, if you display the style class as Active Only, you also see nothing, because the window is the Window-Main class. I imagine there's a certain logic to that, but not to me not right then. How do you just see the windows if not via the class?

So I'm guessing that in my standard template I'd better define a few style classes so that I have windows working right from the outset. If there are any other suggestions in this vein, I'd sure appreciate them.

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As I have stated previously, I am not a Window expert, but could the class Window-Main refer to the conatiner that holds the window parts, where each part in the container is in a different class? That way, when you only display the class Window-Main, the internal objects do not display, because the are in different classes. I am just guessing, but if it's true, it might explain what you describe.

You can use the Custom Visibility menu to display objects in multiple levels of classes, or run a short script like the following:


There are probably other ways to do this too.

Best wishes,Raymond smile.gif" border="0

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