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Extra stuff in renderings

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Someone will have a chance to point out the obvious to me, most likely. Finishing up first renderings and such with VW, so there's still lots to learn...

Exporting rendered image as JPG from orthogonal view. Don't have the box for limiting drawing size, so it's exporting a LARGE file that I have to crop in another app. Is there a way to crop within VW so I can skip that other step. Didn't use Perspective be/c the distortion of nearby objects was too great even with the "telephoto" equiv setting.

And second, the solar animation was cool as heck. But it included the rectangle that I guess is the page boundary marker. How do I get rid of this? I have that option off in the Set Page Breaks dialog...

Thanks. Jim

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Jim, if you have an object that's outside of the portion of the drawing you want to export, you can remove or hide those items with class settings.

When you export in VW9, what is physically on the screen (and outside of the area you literally see) is what gets exported. So,if you have an object off to the right quite a bit, then that will be included in the export, make the file very large.

Cropping your drawing for File Export is something user's have asked for and it's in the wishlist. The engineers are currently looking into this for future versions.

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Thanks for the answer on the export size. Hope to see that one soon. I created a big sky bkg to avoid seeing white, but then pay the price with the export.

On the first question, the "object" is not really an object, but the border marking the printable area as determings by the Set Print Area dialog. You pick a certain number of pages and the grid draws within there and plain white outside of there, and a box surrounds the printable area even if you don't display the page boundaries. Well, it's that box that shows during all flyovers and shows in the solar animation. That's the one I can't seem to make go away.

You'll see it in http://idisk.mac.com/cloudhidden/Public/Sun.Carthage.mov . That's the kind of shapes I've been bugging you and Matthew about on the phone the last few days. Client's reaction was, "Neat! Where's the afternoon thunderstorm?" Perhaps you can add that to the wish list! Ha ha ha.

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Thanks. That's a week after getting VW, so I'm pretty encouraged and looking forward to version...oops. I'll zap you a copy of the final rendering when all the interior, etc is together. It is a house. Air-formed, thin-shell concrete dome. More than you'd ever wanna know at http://www.monolithic.com . Pix of mine are in there somewhere, too. Now you know why I'm so focused on tools to help with ellipsoids and such...

Thunderstorms?!?!? You serious?!?!? I can imagine VW Climate......Clouds roll by to filter the sun...I'll take 3 cumulus and a layer of cirrus, please...too funny. Rain, of course, and that can lead to a dynamic analysis of runoff and the effectiveness of gutters and drains...Wind blowing the trees, and VW doing a sort of fluid dynamics analysis of the effects of wind on the structure. Tell the development staff there's no need to thank me. Ha ha ha

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Originally posted by Katie:
That gray box is always gonna show. It's the print boundary box.

None the less, that gray print boundary box does not show up on exports, prints, etc.

At least I know the name now. smile.gif" border="0 But why does it show on a solar animation? Clients don't benefit from it there. Heck, no one does...

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>we can't make it go away.

Hopefully some day the development staff will have an light day with nothing better to do than to remove that boundary from the animations so that us lil' chickens don't have to remember that on each one with each document.

>Hmm ... hey .. does it ever snow where you are?

About 10" a year. Talk about a fairytale setting...

Hmmm...another feature for VW Climate--the snow simulator! Then you need a Season Animation, to show the structure as the sun elevation changes, and leaves turn color and fall off the trees, and snow falls and melts.......and that darn page boundary will be visible all year long! Arrrggghhh. <G>

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Jim, That gray box is always gonna show. It's the print boundary box. This shows to remind you of your boundaries for printing and such. If you make you page size E or something like that, it will be bigger than your screen until you zoom out, unless of course you are a really tiny scale. Make sure if you have the size set to anything other than "One Page" you hide page breaks. When you print, and want it all on one page, make sure the size is set to "One Page" to ensure everything will fit on teh sheet size and allow for margin space.

None the less, that gray print boundary box does not show up on exports, prints, etc.

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Katie, in light of this thread, I had a good laugh when I saw the new "Weather Effects...Have you ever designed a ski chalet and wanted to add a realistic touch with a few snowflakes? Now you don't have to wonder anymore. New weather effects such as snow, fog, and ground fog can be added to your scenes for more dramatic impact." Who knew I could be so prescient?!?!?! For my next trick...

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Well, when I posted that message, I knew about the fog and snow in VW 10. It was said in a joking fashion ... and I wanted to see what your reaction would be when you found out about it.


Good times!

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