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Wood Textures


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I think the hardest part is getting an image with the figure you want that will tile. Obviously, vertical grain is much easier to tile than flat grain.

The best solution is to take your own picture with a large sample and crop the image in photoshop for tile-ability. There are some excellent tips for this in the mailing list.

I've had good success with some of the woodgrain laminate samples available at manufacturers websites. WilsonArts Ahorn is one that tiles well if you're looking for something on the light side.

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I have found a source for JPEG's of photos of veneer logs for sale. I hope they don't mind the extra traffic at their site. It is http://www.veneernet.com They are fairly high resolution. One must crop and often book match the images, and any other editing, in Graphic Converter or Photoshop. (I sometimes also use VW to mirror the image for a book match because of the precision and familiarity with VW. [it would be nice in the future for NNA to give us the capability to export as an image without the white border, then we would not have to leave VW]) One then still has some work to do with sizing and such to turn it into a texture. Like most rendering issues, it's mostly a matter of how much time it's worth committing. I chose to do it only occasionally.


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