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Suspected bug report for Move3DObj(HANDLE, X, Y, Z);

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HandletoObject1 := FunctionThatCreates3DObject(parameter1);


HandletoObject2 := FunctionThatCreates3DObject(parameter2);

Move3DObj(HandletoObject2, 100, 0, 0);


The parameter sent to the second call of FunctionThatCreates3DObject does not generate a 3D object and therefore does not return a handle to the variable.

The call to Move3DObj(); with no value assigned into the handle variable HandletoObject2 will move a 3D object that was created prior.


Is NIL a valid handle result to test for? Or would this work-around only work due to a fluke of luck?

IF (HandletoObject2<>NIL) THEN Move3DObj(HandletoObject2, 100, 0, 0);



Actually it may not be a bug. The Function may still be assigned the value generated from the first call because the second call doesn't replace it due to the parameter in the second instance telling the function nothing is required of it. </edit>

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