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Workgroup Rendering Issue

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I am a lighting designer and am using workgroups to bring in the Set Designer's Set, so that I can work on it, but when I do it, his glass texture renders with a lot of 'noise' - it looks very granulated

If I open his file directly and render it, it looks great, but if I workgroup it in, it comes out grainy.



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Do other glass textures in your drawing come out well?

When you say grainy, does it appear to have black dots in it? If so, that is from too many lights reflecting light off the glass shader usually.

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When I say grainy, I mean it looks granulated or pixelated, when it is not. There are not many lights, just a few point sources (few meaning 3-4).

I am using 2 files, the first being my file- the lighting file which is workgrouping in the scenic file. When I open the scenic file alone, it renders beautifully. When I try to render the lighting file that is referencing the scenic, that is when it is grainy.

Any thoughts?Thanks!Catherine

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That's bizarre. I haven't crossed that incident before. Let me see what I can come up with after doing some resaerch. If it is possible to send in the file, that would be helpful in showing the engineers exactly what is going on and they may be able to suggest a resolution or alternative to get it to render correctly.

If you want to email it in, you can send the file to tech@nemetschek.net attn: Katie

I should get it from there.

Meanwhile, I'll call around here to see if anyone has seen this incident before.

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