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M1 MBP not recognizing Vision dongle

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Hi folx!


I've got a 16" 2021 MBP (M1) Running Monterey 12.3.1, and just installed Vision 2022 on it. When I plug in the dongle via a USB-C to USB adapter, Vision doesn't see the dongle and boots into demo mode. I've tried this with 2 different USB-C adapters with the same results.


I tried both adapters with the dongle on a Dell Windows 10 machine, and it vision opens correctly.


Anyone else having trouble with USB-C adaptors?





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have also just got a new MBP and I have had issues with ports on my mac.


Try opening disk utility and see if you can see it trying to mount in the list, obviously do not reformat it, But if you see it in this list then the hardware knows its there and its a vision issue, If its not in the list you will need to try a different adaptor.


If it's not your machine contact tech support.



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Hiya, circling back - I didn't see the dongle in Disk Utility. Called support, and didn't get a definitive answer, so I just went ahead and ran Vision and HogPc on the same windows laptop.


Note to Vectorworks Folx - calling in to support for Vision gremlins in recent years - inevitably I get someone who is *not* familiar with Vision, Spotlight, or stage lighting in general, and they usually insist on trying to solve the problem first before trying to send me over to a colleague who knows Vision. Most times, I know far more about what's going on that the non-Vision trained CSR. Sometimes they've been chill and transferred me, and sometimes their feelings get hurt when I tried to explain to them how to turn a light on using DMX in Vision doesn't at all work like it does using Renderworks. This is usually very frustrating.


While this instance last week was pleasant in interaction, the support fellow had to ask a colleague and email me back later.


Maybe add a way to get to Vision support more directly instead of having to burn our precious time explaining what DMX or sACN is?



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