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Not rendering and objects to loci?


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This has probably been answered somewhere, but there are so many...

1. I had a drawing of a complex room half finished, then started it again with a new floor plan, using some of the same symbols. It rendered slowly but well in the last version, however this time, some symbols (mainly the new ones I have made in this file) won't render at all! Even if they have textures on them, they end up wireframe, even with "Fast RenderWorks with Shadows" ticked in the toolbar. Some of the old ones are rendering. I am using an originally Autocad floorplan as a permanent base under the drawing. They don't even half render.

2. Some objects, after I make them symbols, turn into locus points when I come out of the edit symbol page.

Are either or both of these a product of not yet having the update installed, or a lack of memory?

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This also sounds like you may have your fill set to none, as this results in a textured wireframe rendering. You should double check the attributes pallet

As for #2, I think the only time I have seen this happen is when editing the 3D portion of a symbol and then exit out to the 2D view. However this can also be a class problem as MikeB suggests.

If you can't resolve wither of these issues, send an email with the file to tech@nemetschek.net and we will take a loot to make sure.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Thanks Matthew, I just realised before I read your reply, that is was, in fact, the simple old attributes palette. Talk about going the complicated way around something, I feel quite silly now. rolleyes.gif" border="0 I still have not, however, resolved the loci problem, but I was, I seem to recall, going from the 3D editing page to the 2D plan view. If it happens like that, what can I do to fix it? Does it return to normal if I go into another view? I have scrapped the document this was happening in.

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