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Plotting a rendered elevation or model

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VW/RW is really bad about plotting rendering directly out of VW. What I always do, is first export the rendering as an image file. Be sure to change the pixel dimension of the exported image in the export image dialogue, not the dpi, changeing the dpi will give you a physically smaller image with the same # of dots, changing the pixel dimension will give you more dots over all giving you a sharper image.

Then open the image in Photoshop or equal and either print from their, or bring the image back into VW if it is part of a sheet.

Good Luck

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VW is an excellent application, and Renderworks is one of the components that makes it so. I use both a Mac and PC and don't have many rendering, printing/plotting problems.

One thing I've learned to do is always use the Render Bitmap tool. Set it to 150 dpi, or so. Render Bitmap is useful if only because you can render a finite area, and also the resulting image can be moved anywhere, to any layer.

One issue though: shadows from a light source don't seem to render if the view is an elevation. They do render if the view is in perspective.

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When you use the export image command, there are two numbers in the upper left hand corner of the dialogue. These represent the accual # of pixels that RW will calculate and export. These two numbers are constrained to one another, so changing one will change the other.

By increasing this number when you are exporting a perspective view, RW calculates more pixels in a defined area, effectively causing you to get a higher resolution image.

I typically find that using a max number around 3000 for the biggest dimension gives good results when printed out of photoshop at 81/2 x 11, and works well for printing on our HP 455 CA at around 24" as the biggest dimension.

Also in the export dialogue I never change the dpi setting, it defaults to 72 and changing it really dosen't do anything. Increasing this number will only make your image physically smaller, not sharper. As I said the only way to make an image sharper is to increase the number of pixels in the image.

Anyway I resize the image in photoshop and print from there. I prefer to Print from photoshop when I can, because Photoshops color managment is better than VW IMHO, and I can tweek the color and contrast to really make the image pop.

Good Luck

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About printing quality, you can change the printing resolution in the preferences dialogs somewhere, standard it is set to 72 dpi. Just put it to 240 dpi or more. It will take a lot of time (like: minutes...) because RW will re-render the picture but you'll be happy with the results.

About the shades on a frontal view (non-perspective) it works fine by me. I even had an file where I layer-linked the same model 3 times (one above the other) to 1 layer to make a fast lay-out to print. The only thing I did was adding some point-light sources to avoid having the shade from one layer-link on the other. And I had shades on all three of the views.

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