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Control Point visibility.

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Thanks Michael for the suggestion, that didn't make a difference.

I suspect that the control point parameter is only functional in Top/Plan view.

Too bad really. That seems to be the only interactive input with the object when using Vectorscipt beyond the pre-defined end points in the case of a linear object.

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I'm probably not understanding the question.  🙂 


Are you making a linear plug-in?


I use control points in 3D all the time with linear plug-ins.


If you're making a path plug-in you need to use the reshape tool to get the handles after creation.

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   To the best of my knowledge, there is no implementation of 3D Control Points in Plug-Ins. I have heard many requests for them in the past.


   Assuming you could even see a CP in a Front or Side view you would be looking at it edge-on on its working plane. Grabbing a CP in a 3D view would not allow you to move it in the Z-Direction. I don't have an example to test here, so I'm speaking from faded memory. Sorry, this is not what you wanted to hear.


   I think the only exception to the rule would be a 2D Plug-in placed on a 3D Working Plane. The CP would be visible in 3D views, but it would still be limited to only moving in the Working Plane.



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Hi Raymon!


@LarryO is asking why the control points disappear when not in Top/Plan.


My understanding is that with linear plug-ins the handles stay visible and useable in any view.


He must mean additional control point parameters -  those go away in 3D.

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Yes additional control point parameters only seem to appear when the plug-in is viewed top/plan.

I was hoping that in any ortho view they would appear.

I was going to reset the y-axis to zero internally each time so that it would only move in an x-axis direction for sliding elements along a linear plugin.

There being no Z adjustment was conceptually helpful.

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