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Quick Draw Rendering

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What I like about Quickdraw is the ability to rotate and view the renedered object on the fly. It's really nice to view the textures and shadows and not a jumbled wireframe as the model is being rotated.

With Open GL and Renderworks, you rotate the wireframe, then wait for the image to render. Maybe I am missing something. I know Open GL is used is the gaming industry where fast rendering and redraws are crucial.

Words of wisdom are most welcome

Thanks muchScott

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There may be something wrong with your set up. I have a Mac G4 733 with 384 Mb ram, and I can rotate and retain the rendering. Check your preferences and set your Vector Works 3D Preferences to 3D ROTATION-DETAILED and RETAIN RENDERED MODEL-ALWAYS. This will use more memory, and generally slow down the rendering process, but you may get your interactive rendering back.

Also get the latest drivers for your vidio card.

There may be a slight chance that your vidio card does not support this but I don't really know.

Good Luck

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