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I've been working with VW since MiniCad and have now moved to Spotlight 9.5 since most of the design stuff I do with theatrical scenery/lighting... finally the question...

since I've upgraded, I don't have the simple option to get a "final shaded solid" look at my 3D elevations of scenery. So, I added renderworks. Now I'm lost. Is there a shortcut where I can just get my final shaded solid look at my Right Iso looks? I'm just not getting it. It's got to be simple or I'm headed back to 8.5. :-(

Thanks for the help!


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You can select View>rendering>Fast RenderWorks which will not give you shadows. You can select Faxt RenderWorks with Shadows which is similar to the Final Shaded Solid from VW 8. If you want a more detailed rendering, you can select Final Quality RenderWorks. This will give you a more detailed rendering with shadows. You can use Custom RenderWorks Options to set up a custom redenring using the various settings. When you go to Custom RenderWorks Options for the first time in a drawing, the settings you see selected are the current settings for Final Quality RenderWorks. The Custom RW Options allows you to change any of those details depending on yoru drawing.

In VW 8, we were nice enough to put a light source in for you when you selected a rendering option. In VW 9, you have to insert a light source with the Light Source tool (looks like a light builb). This allows you to insert the various types of light sources and the brightness as well as the color of the light itself. VW 9 supplies you with more lighting options than V W8 which is why we let you put it in yourself.

To insert a light source, simply click on the light bulb tool. Then click in your drawing. You will get a light source dialog box that allows you to set the brightness and color and some other neat settings. For trial and error sake, you can just click OK to let you drop the light srouce in the drawing. When you get bold enough to try the different settings, you can change those settings in the light source dialog box. Once you have placed the light in the drawing, you can always select the light and change the various parameters (the ones from the light source dialog box) in the Obj Info Palette.

When you insert the light, the first click places the light. You can then move the mouse around to get the light to point in various directions. Then once you get the light pointing in the direction you want, you can click again to put the light in it's place.After that, you can go on to View>Render>.... and then you will see your beautiful masterpiece.

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Originally posted by Dave Barnes:
since I've upgraded, I don't have the simple option to get a "final shaded solid" look at my 3D elevations of scenery.

"Final shaded solid" got renamed to "Final Shaded Polygon" for VectorWorks 9. Is that not working, not giving you the results you expect, or were you just not aware of the command being there? It should be in your View->Render submenu at the bottom.

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