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partial transparency

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My objects using grid transparency aren't rendering correctly. Although the texture editor shows the result fine, not walls nor extrudes nor 3d poly's render in the same fashion. Of course, turning the fill off makes the object disappear. I have the 'use transparency' option turned on.

The funny thing is that the rendering shows the grid pattern with its holes, but the holes are a solid colour instead of transparent. What am I doing wrong?

9.5.0 confused.gif" border="0

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Is the texture mapped as a plane, sphere or cylinder?

Which texture are you using?

I've tried this with a couple different textures and mappings and have had some interresting results needless to say.

I'll have to look into this further and talk to the RW engineer about this to get the "rules" of grid transparency. If the trasnparency is set to about a medium level it seems to work somewhat, however it's conflicting depending on the object and mapping.

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I've had luck with grid transparency on single 3-d polygons. Make sure the scale of the texture is set to something reasonable, I think it defaults to something that is too small to be seen.

Also if your object has 2 sides, like an extrude, you may be seeing the back of the second surface throught he holes of the first.

Good Luck

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