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Rendering and memory


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I am renering a fairly complex file. About 30MG with a lot of trusses, lights and solid subtractions. It takes about 45 minutes to render which seems reasonable, but the amount of memory it is using seems unbelievable. I have 512MB with nothing else running and to export a 3000 X 2500 pixel image it is using another 1.5GB of swap disk. Does this seem right, or is something wrong?

VW9.5 - Win XP pro - PIII933 - 512MB

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Oh yeah, if you have alot of lights for shadows, the rendering time will take forever - especially if you are using Ray Tracing for shadows. You can try to use Shadow Mapped Shadows with the Custom RenderWorks option and make sure Anti-aliasing is turned off. This will also cause a longer render. If you do not have nurbs in the drawing, make sure that is off also.

Custom RenderWorks simply allows you to change the settings of Final Quality RenderWorks and render using those settings via Custom RenderWorks. You can select which shadow mapping you wish to use - Ray Tracing or Shadow Mapped Shadows. Ray Tracing should take longer especially if the recursion level is set to 4 or higher. The higher the number, the more detailed the render thus making it take longer to render. Anti-Aliasing and Use Nurbs is on in Final Quality Renderworks whereas in Custom you have the option to turn it off.

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The time/disk swapping is related. The longer it takes, the larger and more detailed the file is. Of course, the way the rules of disk swapping go, the larger the file you are trying to get to perform a specific task, the larger the swap file.

Unfortunately, since you have gobo's and alot of lights, there isn't much of an alternative. Spotlight and RenderWorks are very memory intensive applications.

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