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I would like to build a translator. It should refer only to the document structure. Texts placed in the document can be disregarded. The rest should be translated.


For this I have encountered some problems.


- Is there an easy way to generate a list that contains all symbols, wall styles, line types, folders, etc.?
- What kind of object has the object type 57? I found it by examining the parent object of a folder. Unfortunately, it is not listed in the appendix.

- Similar to point 1: Is there a way to loop through all data visualizations. Again, unfortunately, I have not found any documentation.



Thanks in advance for the help.

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As far as I know Data Visualizations are not currently scriptable as of VW2022.


For Resouces that are present in the drawing, but not use on an object in the drawing you will need to take a look at one of the four BuildResourceList functions to make a list and then walk that list. I think you will have to do each type of resource you are interested in separately. I am not certain if you can get a list of folders directly, but I think you can return the full path of a resource so you can probably extract the required folders from there.


I don't know what object type 57 is.  Based on something I saw in the SDK, it might be a Container Object Header Node, but I don't know what that means from a file structure basis.

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