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Help! Edit Texture Mapping Bombs Mac!


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I have been experiencing problems with texture mapping of late. I thought it was the file I was working on so I created a new file with only one new object. Created a new texture and applied it to the 3d polygon. Then I click on texture mapping and @#$%$#@#$% VectorWorks craps out with a type 1 or 3 error. Vector works fine until I try to edit the object mapping or render an object. I have also tried the same experiment with and extruded rectangle with the same result.

I am running system 9.1 powermac 9500 with Newer MaxPower 400 upgrade, 512 built in ram.I am running Vector Works 9.5 update downloaded from NEMETSCHEK site.Vectorworks has 300 megs allocated. I have tried less or more with no effect.

System was working fine. The only system modification I have made are:1. The addition of Quick time 5.05 from apples web site (recommended) version.2. Carbon 1.5

Is this a problem with VectorWorks, RenderWorks, QuickTime, or Carbon 1.5???Any one else have the same problem.Bob Tiedemann mad.gif" border="0

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Originally posted by rjtiedeman:
1. The addition of Quick time 5.05 from apples web site (recommended) version.

While this is not my area, I've seen reports that when installing QuickTime, you need to do a "custom" installation to make sure QuickDraw3D is installed. It may not be installed by default.

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no it is not on resize just click the mapping button so far it has happend only with textures that came with va8 . I don't beleive its the texture itself as i can move an object with the texture applyed to a new layer and it will map just fine .I sent a copy the file to bug report


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hiI have had similar problems but intermitently,when i click on the texture mapping button i get a runtime error and va closes .this has happend in 2 drawings so far and in only one layer of each . moving the objects to be textured to another layer mapping them and putting them back works but is starting to get old . I have tried to duplicate the problem in a new drawing adding objects and shaping and texturing one step at a time hoping to find the step that blows it but it dosn't happen when I want it to . I am rummin win xp 512m ram va9.5 quick time 4.1.128 with a nvidea vid card with latest drivers

any ideasMike

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We have noticed this occuring with Radeon video cards when mapping a texture and reducing the size of the texture. It seems the OpenGL portion of the video driver is failing in an operation and not allowing the resize of the texture. The workaround we suggest for this case is to turn off the 3d acceleration on the video driver.

Is this similar to what you are experiencing? Is it happening when you resize or just when you click on the mapping button ?Is it a texture you created or is it a texture included in one of our texture libraries?

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Originally posted by mike46:no it is not on resize just click the mapping button so far it has happend only with textures that came with va8 . I don't beleive its the texture itself as i can move an object with the texture applyed to a new layer and it will map just fine .I sent a copy the file to bug reportmike[/QB]

Mike, I talked to the person in bug submit about this. We have seen this in a few instances of Nvidia GeForce2 video cards. It has to to with the quality of the Open GL portion of the video card. The mapping dialog box calls up on Open GL dialog to carry out the execution. Depending on certain factors - the type of object you plan to apply the texture to, the scale of the texture, the complexity of the texture - the Open Gl portion of the video driver fails and it results in crashing. The problem you are experiencing is probably related. The only workaround we have come up wtih is to turn off 3d acceleration on the video card. This will not allow you to do retain a rendered model in flyover mode. However if that is necessary, you can simply go back and turn on 3d hardware acceleration on the video card - just make sure it is off when you plan to map a complex object with a complex texture.

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Thanks for getting back to me

I turned off 3d aceleation and sure enough the texture mapping went off without a hitch . This dosn't seem a very elegant solution . Is this someting that will be addresed in a later version or should I be thinking about another card . are there any vid cards that have not been problimatic, I have seen posts on problems with several others

thanks again


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The problem is in the actual power of the Open GL portion of the Video Card. It is not strong enough to handle more complex operations.

You can check to make sure you have the most recent version of the video driver installed.

The newer GeForce cards are pretty cool. They are pricy none the less. We don't have too many problems with too many video cards. The problem usually lies within the structure of the driver itself. I think the video driver incompatibility problems we had with VW 9.0 were fixed with VW 9.5.

There are some video drivers on the old G3's that don't work with VW 8 nor with VW 9. Well, they work, just not at millions of colors as the resolution. It has to be set to 256 colors for them to operate correctly.

In my last computer I had a Diamond Fire video card that was awesome. I never had a single problem with it. Of course that's an old video card. On this computer I have an NVidia Riva 128 which is okay. It's not as wonderful as the old Diamond Fire. Historically, the Nvidia drivers have been okay for the most part. "Okay" because the Open GL portion of the driver isn't as strong and stable as other drivers. That's just something we've noticed along the road. I'm not saying do not get an Nvidia card because there are Nvidia's out there that work great - of course these are the newer ones that cost a pretty penny or two.

I would post a message here to see what others might have to say about thier video cards.

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The problem has to do with the quality of the Open Gl portion of the card quality and open gl code that is available to the card itself. The version of the driver is not going to help in this case as it is a limitation of the video card and its' quality. There are certain functions in VW that call on Open GL and require something a little more than the stripped down mock versions of Open GL that this video cards uses. One of those functions is of course the mapping texture dialog box. Unfortunately, this has to do with the quality of the video cards. These problems are not apparent on more advanced video cards with better Open GL coding for the driver.

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