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Specifying a resource folder in a library file as a target for ISDK::ExportResourceN?

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One of our plug-ins is automagically exporting symbols to a library file using

virtual bool VCOM_CALLTYPE ExportResourceN(MCObjectHandle resource, IFileIdentifier* pFileID = nil, TImportResourceConflictCallbackProcPtr conflictCallback = nil) = 0;

Works like a charm. Users have requested that we should export the symbol into a resource folder within the library file - so the structure of the library file is somewhat "tidier" and easier to work with when they open it up for maintenance purposes.

Is there a way to accomplish that with the SDK? 

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What you could try is to put it temporaly in a folder before exporting and see if ExportResourceN maintaince the structure.


Another solution I can think of is opening the lib file and create the folder.

Unfortunately this can not be done silently so the user will see the file poping up for a second.


       if ( gSDK->OpenDocumentPath( fileID, true))

            // DoStuff
            gSDK->DoMenuName("Save", 0);
            gSDK->HandlePendingUpdatesAndActivates(); //workaround for bug in OnFileContent: to trigger closedocument


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