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3D ribbons

the pang

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Okay here's a challenge.

My designer has drawn these ribbons I need to draw in 3D. They are long 8' to 12' They twist and undulate. I've tried to sweep a form but it works on one axis only these move to the side and also sweep. I've been trying the multiple extrude but I don't have alot of experience with it. I tried a stack of sticks each one angled slightly and growing a little, it ended up like a cylinder of angled boards. The depth of the ribbon is about 1" (we will bend aluminum pipe, weld it together and stretch fabric) Maybe I could extrude a pipe along a path, join them together and put a skin on it.

This has me going in circles and feeling very confused.

Help! confused.gif" border="0

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Hi there, I'm not very sure of what is the final shape needed; in VW the only way to do that is exactly what you are trying, extrude along a path and combine pieces. If you want, you could e-mail me more details or the vw file and I'll see what I can do during the week end, I like 3D challenges.


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