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Anybody out there exporting the new vrml files to other 3D packages yet?? The guys at Okino Computer Graphics are doing tests right now for me using their Polytrans conversion software. Does anyone know what version of vrml it is? I can't find it in any of the docs.

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I used the VRML output format that becomes available when Renderworks is installed. I then sent it to one of the leading companies that specialize in object conversion software. Their package called "Polytrans" reads both the VRML 1 and 2 specifications and this is the response I received just moments ago:

Robert Landsdale wrote:"This is a poor VRML1 file. There is one object defined for each and everypolygon in your scene! This is not how VRML files are to be written. All thedata should be embedded in a single object with sub-material assignments".

This is a very serious problem that is preventing my firm from using Vectorworks as the design hub for a huge upcoming project. We intended to build our site accurate models in Vectorworks and export them for rendering in Lightwave and Bryce among others. This way, we are miles ahead on the drafting and previs studies to boot. The project covers several square miles and includes a hotel, theme park and a motion picture studio. We have used MiniCad for almost ten years now and hoped it would finally be the hub of our design projects. This appears to not be the case... still. mad.gif" border="0

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