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positioning lights

the pang

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I am completely frustrated trying to position lights in a 3D drawing. I will position it in the plan view and then go to a side or front view to set the other angle and when I go back to the plan view it has moved to point in another directon. I keep going back and forth it has made lighting the 3d model much more time consuming than it should be. Is there a better way? Am I doing something wrong?

I am running vectorworks 8.5.2 with renderworks on a PC frown.gif" border="0confused.gif" border="0

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You might try using the object info palette instead of the mouse to aim the light. Put it where you want in plan view, then set the height in the object info palette, then adjust the aim in the object info palette. You can click on the button to the left of the angles to change between using angles and distances.

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