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Alternative TV tool

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I've been working on this TV tool to give me some options that aren't available with the standard Spotlight one.

It's WIP, but I thought I put it up here in case anyone is interested.


You can set some parameters for a TV: screen inches, landscape / portrait, tilt, screen image, mount type etc, and it is parametrically adjusted. With a bit more work it should be able to use a symbol instead of a parametrically-generated item for the screen or mount, but I'm not quite there with that yet.


I was starting to find Marionette a bit buggy and slow, and thinking maybe I should move into scripting instead. This would help control problems such as needing several 'update' presses to cascade some changes through as it does at the moment. Any thoughts on whether that would be a better plan?


And any comments on the whole thing also welcome (my first complex Marionette object!)





New TV tool 32A.vwx

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