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autoplot script error

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I'm using vectorworks w/autoplot v9 on both my mac and pc. my mac installed autoplot no problem.

i'm getting a vectorscript error on my pc.

I've copied the line error message I get below:

Line #12: {$INCLUDE :AP_Data:GLOBAL_CONST.vs}


{ Error: Could not open INCLUDE file. }


I do not know how to get around this error.


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I'm sorry I didn't know about this board sooner. I'll try to visit more regularly. The error message you are getting is usually caused by people failing to put the "AP Data" folder into the "Plug Ins" folder. Some people take the files out of that folder and put them directly into the "Plug Ins" folder which won't work; others just ignore that folder altogether. You can get help with AutoPlotVW more quickly by contacting me at sjones@arts.ucla.edu

Sam Jones

author of AutoPlotVW

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