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Odd Symbol Visibility Behavior - HELP PLEASE!

Craig Stelzenmuller


Just to get this out of the way - No, it's not classes turned off and it's not classes or layers buried deep in symbols.  It's something else.  


I'm having an issue where Spotlight Symbols are not appearing.   They are there - I can select them and they are outlined in orange.   I make a rectangle selection around the area where the objects should be and the previously invisible objects are now still invisible but outlined in orange as if selected.  If I click away from the selection the selection disappears and the objects are still missing.   This is in Top/Plan or any other 3D view.  


If I select symbols and manipulate them in some way (flipping, nudging, or toggling OIP checkboxes such as "Use GDTF Geometry" or "Flip 2d Legend) they appear as normal!   

I can select all of the spotlight symbols in the drawing, get them to appear, save the file, close and reopen the file, and then symbols are back to being invisible.  


Once this behavior has begun, 2D Insertion Tool only inserts invisible symbols.  They are there, selectable as described above, but will not render.  Previously existing (non spotlight) symbols in the drawing remain however.  


If the symbols are invisible on design layers, they do not appear on sheet layer viewports either.  


This behavior began in VW2022, and stays with the file when exported to VW2021.

NOTE: I've rebuilt this file once already from scratch in VW2022 to try to solve this behavior, because I thought it was related to the "Enable Legacy 2D features" check box, which had been checked.  Legacy features are OFF and there are no Screen Plane objects in this drawing.  


Any ideas?  




Here you can see that I've made (35) appear.  but another fixture on SR is just ghosting.  




Here you can see I've selected a bunch of symbols.   


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My first two thought are way out objects and video drivers.


Having objects a long way from the origin can cause problems. Turn on all your layers and go to a Top/Plan view. Select All, Fit to Objects.  Do you end up zooming way out? If so there is an object (or many) located at one of the corners. Do a marquee selection around the corners and see.  Switch to an elevation view and repeat to make sure it is not something way above or below the layer plane.


Check and see if you have the most current video drivers. If not, get and install them.



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Pat - Thanks for your help on a holiday weekend!


I did have an object pretty far away from the origin.  The result of Pasting in Place something from an Architectural drawing that paid no mind to origins. 

But that didn't solve the problem.   I also was 2 NVIDIA Drivers behind!  Updated those, but that didn't solve the problem either.   


I then realized that my DEFAULT OPACITY for Pen and Fill in the Attributes Palette was sitting at ZERO %.   I suppose I haven't gotten used to the new Attributes Palette yet, (WHY DID THAT HAVE TO CHANGE?)  so this didn't catch my eye the way the old sliders would have.   


This accounts for why adding new objects were immediately invisible, but still able to be selected. 


It doesn't account for why existing Spotlight Symbols, whose Opacity was still set to 100%, were not showing up when a file was reopened.    I changed the Default Opacity to 100%,  Selected Similar all the Spotlight Symbols and got them to appear.  Then saved and reopened the file, and VOILA all the symbols appear as normal.     

I've been able to repeat this behavior in a blank file with a few spotlight symbols.   

If the Default Opacities are set to Zero, save the file, when it's re-opened all of the spotlight symbols will be invisible AS IF their Opacity is 0%, even if it isn't.

If the Default Opacities are set to 20%, when the file is reopened, the Spotlight Symbols will display as if they are 20%... they take on the properties of the default Opacity setting. 


I think it's a bug.   It doesn't seem like "expected behavior".





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