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User Library folders from a student version to a professional

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I am using student version. When creating a folder in user library this message popped up. I'm not sure how to understand it. Does it mean that when I get professional version, my created user library folders and objects from student version will not be transferred to professional version? I hope this is not the case 🙂 


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Any file that is saved by a student version becomes watermarked as a student version, that includes any libraries you create or modify.
As part of the Student2Pro program offered by many Vectorworks distributors the watermarks can be removed when you graduate and upgrade to a professional license.

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would there be an option to make student version files for pro versions just :

- watermarked

- non-savable

- non-printable

- non-editable


but being able to open and examine from a pro version ?


On the forum we do not see if it is a student or commercial customer.

And when trying to help with other user's problems on the forum,

we all have so often downloaded somany student files to look at - just

to realize we can't open them and have to say that we can't help.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@zoomer This is an option we leave up to Vectorworks distributors to customize the student version to their market.
In the US the professional version can open student files created with the US student version. The resources in the file are all watermarked and any printing will be watermarked.

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Ah, got it.


Yes, it was mainly on the German forum.



On the other hand ....


34 minutes ago, klinzey said:

The resources in the file are all watermarked and any printing will be watermarked.


If I can open a US student File and accidentally copy something (a stylized Wall) from

that file and paste it into one of my files - I would contaminate my commercial file

with watermarks ?

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