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RW9 Manual

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Well, I suppose that I'll continue to wait for a RW9 manual to arrive, but the 30 day return is not too far off now. I'd like to think that NNA would use this forum to keep us uptodate regarding the RW9 manual.

But something tells me that the cows will come home before I ever receive a manual frown.gif

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Just a thought: I understand that the early copies of RenderWorks that shipped without a manual included a card that you could send back in order to have us send you a manual. Have you all sent in your cards?

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If by 'card' you are talking about the basic registration card, I generally don't register until I decide if I am going to keep the product. I got a little sheet of paper assuring me that I'd be getting Mr. Manual just as soon as he showed up from the printer. It also urged me to register, but it didn't name registration as a condition for getting the rest of my purchase in the first place.

Since I bought directly from the company, and am a registered owner of a couple of other seats, I don't think that it is unreasonable to expect a manual regardless of my registration status-it's not as though the manual would have to hunt me down through a third party retailer.

In some respects, I'd almost rather have that handy card showing samples of all the installed textures than the manual per se. If that's part of the manual, then I'd certainly like to get my copy.

And isn't it a 90 day MBG as opposed to 30?

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Thanks Caleb, but I'm inclined to agree with ajs. I can't see any point in registering if I'm not likely to keep the software.

Also, I've learned, over the years that the customer does not do the vender's work. If I expected my customers to tend to my details for me, I would soon have fewer and fewer customers. Let's hope that NNA has been keeping track of customers that have not received RW9 manuals with their software.

ajs, I just checked and you are right! It is a 90 period if bought directly from NNA. Thanks very much for bringing this up. We may still get manuals "in time".

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We too have yet to receive our manual, we ordered two (2) and got one of the v8 manuals. Had forgotten to follow-up until I read these posts. The card in the box said we would be getting the manuals when they received them. I registered our products weeks ago.




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Well, I recieved my manual with my version of RW9 and to be honest it's not any more helpful than the RW8 manual. I personally didn't use it and most of the improvments are self explanitory. If your waiting to base your evaluation of RW9 on the manual, I think you will be disappointed. I'm not trying to hurt anyones feelings here, and I agree you should get your complete documentation. I'm just saying the manual is really not a big deal.

Now, on the flip side, I was using RW9 as efficiently if not more than RW8 within a few hours of installing it. There are some pesky bugs but if you follow the advise thats been posted in these forums it will work, and in my opinion works very well.

Good Luck

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I just flipped through it and it looks like its the hard way, No texture samples to be seen.

I also quickly flipped throught the printed manual and the on line manual together and they look identical to me. Although I didn't go page by page.

Good Luck

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Many weeks have now gone by without receiving the RW9 manual. It was suggested by an NNA person on this board that I contact NNA about this. I thought that it would be more revealing to sit back and wait to see if NNA was keeping track of which customers did and did not receive the manual.

Should the customers be doing this work the vender?

Can it take three months to get a manual printed?

Perhaps there aren't that many RW9 users and this situation is just not that important to NNA. Who knows.... but is an interesting way for a company to conduct itself.

The 90 mark draws closer day by day.

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