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RW9 - problems with ray trace shadows

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Hello -

I tried to 'Post Reply' to the original topic question, but the server would not allow it. Something about not being able to find the original forum name...Anyway...

Here is a response that was sent to me personally, but not to this list.

I thought you might like to know. Of course, this leads to the inevitable

question...when is 9.0.1?

<Hello Doug:

This is a known bug that will be fixed for 9.0.1.

The distance that these raytraced shadows are off is dependent on

the total model size, or bounding cube. If you zoom in to a model that

is very large, the shadows can be offset significantly. The offset can

be changed by reducing the total bounds size of the model, for

example by reducing the size of a ground plane object if one exists.

Dave Donley

RenderWorks Lead



Hello -

Mac G4-466 VWA9, RW9

I am seeing some strange behavior with RW9. I am working on a

simple house (originally started with v8.5.2) that has 24 inch

overhangs on all sides of a gable type roof. I am using the 'roof' tool

and standard walls + windows. When I choose any rendering option

with 'ray tracing' the shadows are drawn incorrectly. If it was rendering

correctly, there would be a shadow beginning immediately below and

continuing down some amount from there. It appears, however, that

this shadow has been shifted down the face of the building so that

there is a band of 'light' between the shadow and the eave. Does this

description make sense? What is happening?

Also - I have not yet tweaked the settings much, but 'mapped'

shadows are not as nice as I used to get them.


d. s h a f f e r

a r c h i t e c t

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