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Texture on cabinets

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is it possible to have a image based texture strech to cover the full plane of a surface. My thoucht is scanning in a cabinet face and assigning it a style. It seems I use to be able to do that with RW8 but with RW9 have not found a way.



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Here's how I would proceed. Take into consideration the largest cabinet that you will be extruding... Create it first.

Create your texture. And map it to that object so that scale/grain etc. looks correct.

Option drag the cabinet "planes" from the first that you created. And change the size as you need. If you are downsizing the cabinet "plane" as you are working the texture map you should have plenty of "bleed" and the texture will just wrap around to the back of the plane where you won't see it in the rendering. If you have different shapes and curved facias you'll need to adjust the mapping of those objects individually..

Whatcha think??


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