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RW9 - problems with ray trace shadows

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Hello -

Mac G4-466 VWA9, RW9

I am seeing some strange behavior with RW9. I am working on a

simple house (originally started with v8.5.2) that has 24 inch

overhangs on all sides of a gable type roof. I am using the 'roof' tool

and standard walls + windows. When I choose any rendering option

with 'ray tracing' the shadows are drawn incorrectly. If it was rendering

correctly, there would be a shadow beginning immediately below and

continuing down some amount from there. It appears, however, that

this shadow has been shifted down the face of the building so that

there is a band of 'light' between the shadow and the eave. Does this

description make sense? What is happening?

Also - I have not yet tweaked the settings much, but 'mapped'

shadows are not as nice as I used to get them.


d. s h a f f e r

a r c h i t e c t

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