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exporting to Cinema 4d


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Is there really no otherway to export to Cinema 4d then using a DXF with classes and names. I used Minicad with StrataVision and the exportfunction "to Studiopro". and it was so much easier as

exporting now to Cinema because using DXF with classes takes way to much time.Or does anyone have another solution.

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If you are using V9 of VW/RW, there is an Export VRML function in VW. I have had greater success with that (going to C4D XL6), but it is still annoying, and when I say 'greater' I don't mean 'complete'.

You could also try passing 2D from VW through Illustrator 9's DXF import/export, which will get splines into C4D, if that helps.

I'd love to know if you get this to work reliably. C4D's lighting and rendering is so much better than RW. I have been requesting this integration for a few months, now-if you haven't added your voice to the chorus, please consider doing so.



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I wholeheartedly agree. I have exported to C4D, but it results is an endless number of objects in the new file. An export feature similar to Artlantis would be a great addition.

Unfortunately it is easier to get an Autocad file into C4D by exporting it in 3D Studio format than it is to export a VW file.

I hope NNA sees the irony here.

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