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Textures (refreshed post)


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> Topic: Texture Trading

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> NinjaZX7R

> Junior Member 48

> posted 02-25-2001 10:50 PM

> Go to this following link - it is from Owens Corning and has downloadable stone textures that are "tileable".



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Antone Cepernich

Member 48

posted 03-14-2001 02:54 PM

Got it open w/ Explorer 5.

Sorry to appear dim, but now what?

I don't know what a VIZ compatable program is. If I try to drag a selected texture to an open Vectorworks

doc., nothing happens. If I copy and paste, all I get is a copy of the web page button image - not useful.

There also appear to be links to images of other materials, but I can't seem to select them.

I would really appreciate any help in using this resource.

Thanx in advance.

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The textures are jpg files. I dropped them into a photo editing program, cropped out borders, and then saved them as a jpg file. Then create a texture using VW resorces/new/texture/create/image/etc.

These are low resolution files. It seems to me a lot better to photograph materials with a digital camera or scan catalogs to get better quality images to use for textures. You may have problems with overlapping but no more than you will with the textures from this web site.

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