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Textures with Transparency Maps?

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Is this possible in the new version of Renderworks?

Many other rendering programs offer the ability to map a separate grayscale image as a bump map and another grayscale (or Alpha) map for transparency.

This seems elementary and I was dissapointed that the original verion could not do this. It not only makes complex objects, like trees and people, far simpler and faser to design and render, but allows the user to create dimensional textures like grass and rocks, in Photoshop.

I think it would also make some of the 3D tree design programs available to VW/RW users because they only create these images for use in any rendering program (programs that use transparency maps, that is.)

...That is unless I'm missing a huge part of the program and users guide.




Gamut Design

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My copy of RenderWorks 9 has controls for bump, transparency, and reflectivity in the Create New Texture window. The transparency option does seem to offer image transparency, which sure seems like an alpha channel kind of thing to me.

Haven't had the opportunity to fool with it much yet, though


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