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optimizing for quicker renderings

Eric L

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I'm using a 800Mhz Pentium III, 256Mhz ram, and a cad specific graphics card (16m).

rendering and convert to lines seems slower than it should be. Is there an optimum memory allotment setting I should be using?

Is there a hardware change solution?


Icon Exhibits

Ft. Wayne In.

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Doubt that there's anything that needs to be changed from a hardware standpoint. You should have plenty of muscle with the set-up you have. BTW - the graphics card isn't much of a factor with VW/RW (unfortunately). In fact, if you take a look at these boards, lately it seems that the software is operating better with older cards (I presume due to more stable drivers).

What are you trying to render, and how long is it taking?

I find RW to be a fairly good renderer, but mind-numbingly slow (especially if you incorporate raytracing).

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I handle all the detail/assembly/floorplans for an exhibit company. I do alot of mulitview high detail drawings with bitmaps, graphics text, and mechanical stuff like lighting truss, and other memory munchers.

worst case size would be 15M. This takes over an hour just to convert to lines for an iso view layer. It might not seem like a long time to some, but I don't have the time to spare.

I need to dial this machine, or dial myself in one or the other.


Eric L.

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If I understand correctly, you are creating perspective view renderings of 15Mb files. Are they fully textured? Are you including raytracing? How many light sources do you have? All of these factors, of course, increase rendering time.

While I don't often convert to lines, the amount of time you are experiencing for rendering seems about right to me.

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I to am an Exhibit Designer using VectorWorks and RenderWorks on a G4 500 Mhz, with 512 Mb Ram and 700 Mb virtual Memory (Hard Disk acting as ram), I know its a different system but if I had a (which I am getting a lot latley) 15mb file, I reckon to do a hidden or dashed line render , it too would wipe an hour out of my day, base on previous attempts.

I tend to model every single thing in a stand up to real life detail, so when it comes to working drawings and details, I can lash out isometrics and sections, elevations etc in a jiffy.

however to do a full renderworks rendering on average a 15 - 20 mb file at max resolution should pop out in 30 mins, which is toleralble, but the hidden line work naturally takes more because I assume its vector based.

Have no fear, maybe invesigate adding another processor? not sure if it'll help but ask the guys on the help desk.

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