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Ant ideas as to why my roof face fill is showing like this?

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I made a roof style with a base component with a 6" thickness and a top component with a 10" thickness and a -12 bound offset.


The roof face looks fine in 3D but the fill is acting very strangely in top/plan






I have the fill set to 'by class' and I have the class fill set to 'none' so I'm not sure why it's even showing at all.

I tried turning just off the fill but then it becomes wireframe in 3D...


I would like to NOT HAVE fill in 2D and to HAVE texture in 3D



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This happens and then clears up, then happens again...

I've no Idea what is going on.


The upper component fill is connecting as if it's not a closed shape.

The upper component is inset 12" from boundry.


When I double click I can only work with the boundry, not the inset and presumably un-closed geometry.



@JuanCarloshere is an isolated roof file - sorry I didn't see your response from June. The roof was working again through july, and then stopped working correctly a week ago...

roof - fill.vwx

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Ungroup the roof (well, a copy) to see problems with the components.

Click through the layers in the revised file.


2d source poly has a corrupt duplicate. Delete?

Upper roof face did not clip at the corner penetrations. Edit the poly>Inner Boundary Tool>Delete original poly.


This only addresses the 2d graphic problem.

My product produces a stack of roof faces. I don't know enough about roof creation to add that upper component while creating a roof object. Lower roof face probably should be clipped again at perimeter of upper?





roof - fill v2.vwx

Edited by Benson Shaw
Good day for a picknick
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Thanks for looking into this @Benson Shaw


It is a complicated roof - and honestly, I don't need it as a 'roof object'.

I'm recreating what the project architect had so I can model the landscape around the proposed architecture and rip some renders for the client.

I'll just ungroup, clean up and use the extrusions.


I don't want to see the fill in top/plan anyway!

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@AlanW I see now that the roof is developed using an edge offset (-1'0") for the top component.  The top/plan roof graphic is fine with 0 offset. But a negative offset makes those partial fills.


Could you elaborate on how to remove (or contain them in the poly) those fills in Top/Plan and retain the textures in 3d?





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@Benson Shawthe 2d polys form the basis of generating the 3Droof face and should be deleted when creating the roof or roof face. The roof or face can contain the 2d hatches as well as the 3d texture for either shaded or wireframe. some people ad a hatch over the roof but this is not needed. the component off set has an issue, sometimes the offset is a negative and sometimes its a positive even when you type the same offset. i saw in the file only the none class polylines were causing the problem and not the 3d parts.


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Thanks for looking into this.


11 hours ago, AlanW said:

...Set all your 2d lines to none fill...

So I should recreate the roof face and at that point set the lines to no fill?

Or can I do it by right clicking the existing roof face?

It seems like you were saying to Benson that the original polies should be deleted as part of the process of creating the roof face.




9 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

...the roof is developed using an edge offset (-1'0") for the top component...

I did this because of the cut-outs right at the edge of the roof.

I was concerned that since they extend beyond the upper face there would be nothing to cut...

I don't remember if I tried a positive offset or not - it was a couple of months ago.


This roof really was beyond my understanding of roof faces...

I watched and rewatched a number of @Jonathan Pickup videos on roofs as I was struggling with this.

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