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Fascia with Create Roof command

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After setting the dimensions of the fascia in the dialog box, how do I adjust the height of the fascia relative to the roof plane?  Right now it puts it right in the middle of the middle component.  I can change the bearing height of the roof to get the fascia where I want it, but that seems....not right.

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 4.52.35 PM.png

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Thanks Alan. Yes I'm used to doing it that way but I thought since my roof was a very conventional one, I could use the Create Roof command and see if the fascia option would make it easier to create a fascia.  My results are less than desirable so I was wondering what I was doing wrong.  

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Guest Wes Gardner

@MKingsley - you're not doing anything wrong...the Fascia setting just doesn't have enough parameters to let you control its height.  I believe this has been a long-standing wish...I'll create an "Enhancement Request" anyway...




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