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How to cut a hole?


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When you have the door selected, does the OIP say it is a Door or a Door In Wall?  It looks like you did not get the door inserted into the Wall so there is no cut in the wall for it and the door and the wall are just colocated. In this case it will say it is a door.


If this is the case just drag it away from the wall and then drag it back in. The tip of the mouse pointer must be inside the wall for the door to get inserted.  It is probably easiest to see in Top/Plan view.  But don't grab something like the door swing because then the mouse pointer will not be in the wall when you release the mouse.



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Just as I thought.  It is a Door. meaning is ti not inserted into the wall.  Pull the door out of the wall.  Grab the middle of the jamb and drag it back into the wall.  It should now show as a Door In Wall and the wall should cut around the door so you won't see the brick.


If you get it right, it will say Door in Wall where it says door now.  


Select one of the windows. It will say Window in Wall so you can see what you are looking for.



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