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Possible MP support for VW

Bob Wright

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  • 4 months later...

Main thing about future carbon support will be the fact that OS X and MP G4 AltiVec Macs will natively "decide" which processor to delegate CPU demand to...

This will undoubtedly assist raw and actual speeds, since the Mac hardware/software will send system commands to one CPU, while application commands to the processor not being used.

Not quite as impressive as new releases of Photoshop, Maya and other apps that have been developed to take direct advantage of MP G4's, but impressive just the same.

I think eventually, Nemetschek will do whatever it takes to provide its users the best CAD/CAM platform, and with this knowledge, maybe we will see actual OS X MP-savvy Vectorworks X (or 11, 1...). More than likely though, it will take similar Intel multiprocessor setups out there to bring this about "quickly"...

The other rumor out there is that the upcoming Unix-based Mac OS may be ported to Intel/MIPS machines - if this were to happen (again, just rumors for the time-being...) a quicker response to MP platforms may be forthcoming.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!


C M Harada

Perspectives Design

Group, ink

Denver, CO

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