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Worksheet of Device Connections (Device Patch Sheet)

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I am trying to figure out a way to generate a worksheet, hopefully per device, that allows me to list what it is connected to. An example of this is something like a 32x32 SDI router. I want a worksheet to show its inputs and outputs and what they are connected to. If a socket is not connected to anything I would want it to leave it blank or indicate such, but still list the device socket name so the list stays symmetrical.


Worksheet Name: [Device Name] Patch Sheet


connected circuit Src Device Name, connected circuit Src Socket Name, [Device Name] Input Socket Names, [Device Name] Output Socket Names, connected circuit Dst Device Name, connected circuit Dst Socket Name


This is turning out to be quite the challenge as it seems in order to get the information you have to iterate through circuits rather than devices. In addition, it doesn't seem like the device object holds the information about the circuits its attached to in the database. I tried doing crazy things by doing xLookup across several worksheets to associate data as needed, but Vectorworks doesn't let you do an xLookup on worksheets that reference a database for its data.


I appreciate any help you all can provide.


Thanks so much,


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Hello @alexmootv,

have you tried the current layer circuit report? Connect CAD - Documentation - Current Layer Circuit Report

This is a good starting point for everything. If you want to go into this topic further you can check out the Developer Worksheet Wiki. Under circuit there are some useful topics. I hope I did understand your question correctly.

I'm exporting the worksheet for network switches into excel and then use xlookup to export a good looking report for every switch.




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Hi @robert1,


Thanks for the input. I have visited the Developer Worksheet Wiki previously and tried to do evals on the circuits, but I kept running into Vectorworks limitations. Today, I revisited the topic with some inspiration from your post and messed around with data manipulation in Excel some more. Ultimately, I was able to build mostly what I wanted from the Excel Filter function, but it's not quite the automated process I would like. I am really wanting this to live inside of Vectorworks and update as worksheets do. Short of doing VBA scripts inside of Excel there is no way for it to automatically iterate through all of my devices and build a patch table for each one. Vectorworks, would have some ability to do this as it has context of each device. The functionality just isn't there however.


I have attached a screenshot of what I wish I could achieve for every device in the drawing in an automated fashion. Effectively taking the wire schematics and turning them into a table format per device.




Screen Management Patch Table.PNG

SDI Router Patch Table.PNG

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