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Better management of long BIM sheet numbers + names



So nowadays most of our projects use BIM sheet numbering and classes. Which is all good and dandy.


But sometimes those long sheet numbers can be a real pain. For a start, you have to use way larger navigation windows, because the first 10 digits or so are generic information common to every sheet.


So for instance in this example, the only bit you really need to see is the bit in bold: ABC01-ABC-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-0001. But often the useful bit is outside the right hand end of the column.




This causes more practical problems all along your workflow. The one that has just caused me to jump on here and post this is trying to use Detail Callouts; great tool, but these is no option (that I know of) to shorten the sheet number and hide the generic information. For instance see below; a tiny font has to be used, and the sheet number still sails well outside the boundaries of the symbol.



Am I missing some key feature or workaround here? Or does everybody else have this problem on a day to day basis?


Recommended solutions;

1. The 'Sheet number' could be adjusted to allow it to be split into multiple portions matching the various BIM title format; so you can select which parts to display at any given time, and the key information can be easily seperated out.


2. Better text wrapping control, so you can more easily fit these long and unwieldy numbers into the default symbols.


Let me know your thoughts if you have some good workarounds for the time being!


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