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Sources for textures

Thomas Ames

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Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows of sources for textures. Perhaps a few of you trade textures? I'm still very new to RenderWorks. I know that one can import a texture... but I've got to find it before I can do that.

I'm on the lookout for "washed stone" textures that one would use as a finish on the exterior of a concrete wall. This type of surface is quite common in tilt-up construction. It is a bit like taking a blob of mashed potatoes and dunking it into a pile of peas (stones). I imagine that someone out there must have a several of these sorts of textures.

The RenderWorks "Texture Reference Card" shows a stone/aggregate (too fine) and a stone/varigated (too course). I'd like to find these sorts of textures.

Thanks for any suggestions smile.gif

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You can adjust the scale of image based textures throught your resources palette.

Open your resources palette, duplicate the texture you want to modify, then double click the duplicate.

Here you can change the name of the texture and edit the scale of the texture by hitting the edit button and changing the feature size. the Feature size is the physical scale of the rendered texture when it is applied to an object. So you could duplicate the stone varigated texture and reduce the feature size so it would appear closer to the correct scale.

Or you could take a picture of the surface you want to use, scan it (or use a digital camera), and then use it to create an Image based texture. the RW manuel can walk you through the process.

I dont have what your looking for but I have created several custom textures for my own work. I agree it would be great to be able to post textures and trade them.

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Hi MikeB, thanks very much for your suggestion. I haven't gotten that far with RW to really understand the extent to which these things are possible.

I'll try scaling down the stone/varigated texture as you suggest. I'll bet there's a way to easily alter the overall color as well.

Your aggrement about "trading textures" has me thinking... Since you folks have been at this far longer than I, could we find out if there is a way to set up a "forum" of textures and/or objects?

One could give an idea of the contents under "Topic". I would think that we would see all sorts of useful input. I'm not sure how we would get to the point of "seeing" or grabing the texture or object, but this may be worth pursuing.

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Hi Dane, That's interesting. I'll give 'em a call and at least find out what format the textures are in. Thanks very much for the info smile.gif I'll let you know how it goes.

On another front, given the number of VW licenses that are now out, I'm curious as to why there are not more persons utilizing this message board. I'm not complaining.... just wondering...

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Hello Thomas, I just received a CD from Owens Corning called StoneCAD. I believe it was intende for users fo ArchiCad. I havn't tried it yet as I design for the Tradeshow Exhibit industry. You could give them a call @1-800-255-1727 or check out their website @www.culturedstone.com

Good luck


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Hi Dane, I just checked out the cultured stone website. That was a great and timely suggestion on your part. I'm in the early stages of a castle (house)project, built entirely of concrete and structual steel. The tower, 32' diameter, will end up being five floors of poured concrete. I've been pondering the exterior. I'll chat with these folks on Monday. Thanks again. p.s. Hang on to that CD.

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While we are going to continue creating and releasing new textures for RenderWorks, at this time, the internet is a most valuable tool for acquiring textures. Open any search engine and simply perform a search for textures. You will be surprised at the abundance of resources offering textures.

If you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at (410) 290-5114 (tel) or (410) 290-8050 (fax).


Technical Support

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