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Interior Elevation Markers from Sheet Layer

jeff prince


I just watched one of those VSS Coffee Breaks titled "Auto Coordination, Back References, Hyperlinks..."


During the part about the interior elevation marker, the presenter mentioned it was "a bit of a convoluted workflow" in regards to having to create the viewports from a design layer, but having to create a duplicate markers on the sheet layers to facilitate back referencing.


It's not convoluted... it is a poorly realized and should be fixed.


In reality, I rarely have a practical need for the tool as a landscape architect.  However, my students and those I consult in BIM do.  They are constantly confused by this workflow.  You can create a section from annotation space of a viewport on a sheet layer.  You can use a data tag in the same fashion and it can extract data from design layer objects.  But when you try to create interior elevation viewports from a sheet layer, the software chastises you about not being able to sense walls from a sheet layer.


The only solution I can tell people is "Vectorworks has a lot of idiosyncrasies when it comes to most things, one day they may fix it.  Also, be prepared for them to break workflows by reinventing objects such as Plants forcing you to update your entire library".  I don't like saying such things.  However, if I am not honest they will think I do not know what I am doing because it fails such a basic common sense test.


In regards to the response I received during the seminar, I just searched this specific forum for instances of people wanting this tool to be improved in this same way.

I'm hardly the first to make mention of it.  Imagine the frustration building architects must have over this kind of thing.


Come on Vectorworks you can and should do better!  Less gimmicks and more refined workflows.  You can do it 🙂




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Thanks for posting this.  You would not believe (or maybe you would) how much time I wasted figuring out that the interior elevation marker acts differently than the others, and had to be installed on the Design Layer, as opposed to all the others that go in the Sheet Layer Annotations.  It's a mess having to put a Marker on the Design Layer, but in a separate class so I can make it invisible, then add another marker in the SLVP so I can make it visible. 


You'd think this could be fixed, given that all other Markers are engineered to work better.

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