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Detail callout tool issue


I've got a new file and I tried to make a detailed callout.


  • I used the tool to drag a callout box around the area I want in the design layer I'm working on.
  • I selected the detail callout 
  • In the OIP I hit the "create detail viewport" button
  • instead of giving me the normal viewport menu I'm getting this message - "please select an object on the screen or layer plane to serve as the crop boundary for a detail viewport".


I've tried reselecting the callout tool object to no use.




As you can see the detail callout object is selected already.


To make sure I'm not misremembering how to use this tool I created a blank file, made a couple of shapes and used the detail callout tool.

It worked as expected and opened the create detail viewport menu as expected.



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If I use the Detail Callout Tool I get the same results as you. If I draw a shape then run View > Create Detail Viewport... it works. But I never do this on a design layer anyway, always within a VP annotations. I'm interested why you want the detail callout on your design layer

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@Tom W.I do normally put them in my site plan viewport to reference a 1/4 detail for a materials or layout sheet.


In this instance the client wanted something quick to get to his contractor and I haven't set up my sheets yet.

I just wanted to make a quick design development sheet.


Should have just gone with a normal viewport - haven't had enough coffee thins morning I guess!

It just messed with my head that it won't work in this file - but works fine in a new blank file....

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I found that in an existing file, when I drew the detail callout, it created on a 3d plan. If I changed to Layer plane, I was then able to "create detail callout".


When I created the detail callout in a new black file, I t created on a layer plane, and worked as expected.



Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 9.01.23 AM.jpg

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